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Author Topic: Crown Systemnodes - Major release 12.3.0 (November 7th 2017)  (Read 1843 times)


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Crown Systemnodes - Major release 12.3.0 (November 7th 2017)
« on: December 17, 2017, 09:11:23 pm »
Crown Systemnodes - Major Release 12.3.0

The Crown team is delighted to announce the release of the Systemnodes update today.

We have worked hard the past couple months on this release. It represents a big step forward for the Crown Project towards what we think is a fundamental step in the broader adoption of blockchain technology. The goal of the Crown project is to provide a decentralised platform that enables individuals and businesses to build a future as they envision it by making use of the vast capabilities blockchain has to offer.

Systemnodes are the first piece in a series of updates that will allow this vision to become a reality. Systemnodes are a key element in the network features that will drive Crown Atomic (read more at

In this release, Systemnodes will act as incentivised full-nodes. The next update will incorporate a Network Time Protocol, a step essential in solving the need for mining. The Crown project is working on a non-PoW, non-PoS, 3rd way to secure transactions. This is to be announced at a later time.


Please note that to ensure the continuation of Masternode earnings, all Masternode owners are advised to please update their local- and VPS-wallets at the earliest convenience.

All block explorers, miners and exchanges are asked to update also.

Systemnodes and Masternodes may not behave in a stable manner until a significant portion of the network has updated.

After November 20th, 2017, all wallets must be updated. Old wallets after that date will no longer be able to take part in the network.

What's New

  • Name change: Thrones/Trons to Masternode
    The naming of nodes remained scattered in the code and documentation. It has been decided to move to a standardized name. Therefore from this update on, “Throne” or “Tron” will be renamed “Masternode” in all instances.

  • Added Systemnodes to GUI

  • Budget proposal failsafe (Mainnet=16tg5tuZrPKoBwfbmj2tmiEPhVPzyn3gtP)
    A bug caused two rounds of proposal funds to not be paid. The bug has been fixed, and to prevent the loss of funds in the future, a failsafe has been implemented.

  • Removed all UI use of Darksend
    Anonymous transactions discourage governments to work with us. Crown’s implementation is and will continue to be compliant with local authorities. For this reason anonymous transactions have no value for the network. 

  • Fully functional testnet
    A fully functional test environment has been set up.

  • Added new seednodes for both main and testnet
    Seednodes (nodes that broker a connection from your client to the p2p network on client start-up) received an update for both the Crown network and have been added to the test environment.

Links to Wallets

The new wallets can be downloaded here:

How to update local wallets:

Simply download the new version and replace your old one.  You can check you are on the correct version by typing getinfo into the console and you should see version 12.3.0.

How to update Masternodes (Previously known as Thrones)

Update guides and scripts will be released later today and posted in all official channels.

For the more technically confident, Masternode update is as simple as replacing the executables and changing all references to Throne to read Masternode instead, including changing throne.conf to masternode.conf and references to throneprivkey to masternodeprivkey.

How to set up a Systemnode

Systemnode setup is similar as setting up a masternode except you only need 500 CRW collateral and commands will be prefixed Systemnode rather than Masternode.
Systemnode setup scripts and guides will be published later today in all official channels.

Bug Reporting

If you find any bugs, please report them to the core team in the “Public Testing BUGS” channel that you can find at