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Author Topic: [Active] Core Positions Proposal  (Read 1980 times)


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[Active] Core Positions Proposal
« on: January 14, 2018, 10:19:12 pm »
Hi everybody!

Twister and I submitted a new proposal for our positions as core team members. We're confident the document should speak for itself :D

Thank you for voting!


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Re: [Active] Core Positions Proposal
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2018, 10:28:38 pm »
Good job. Well done.


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Re: [Active] Core Positions Proposal
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2018, 08:12:40 pm »

Hi all,

Let me start by saying that Twister and I would like to thank you for your trust and support.
We'd like to repay the favour by updating you on our progress since the start of the superblock.

Early in February I completed my Bachelor's degree, so I could once again commit a large portion of my time to working for Crown. On average I have spent 20-40 hours per week (7 days a week) on various tasks, most of which is community management.

Below you'll find a slimmed down summary of my weekly internal updates.

Community Management & Promotions
- As always, I've been moderating our social channels such as Mattermost, Telegram,, BCT and Reddit.
- I've been giving advice on current and future proposals and other general community management stuff.
- Started a linkedin page
- Filling out forms and requesting websites to update (e.g. braziliex listing on CMC, contacting miners, masternode sites, exchanges, etc.)
- We created a media overview of our project, to be found at
- Submitted a pull request with Crown info on another project that plan on developing atomic swaps through their token.

Ambassador role
- I met with an old friend of mine to talk blockchain for a Master's project in Human/Economical Geography he was working on. Crown had a nice mention in the report.
- Twister and I attended the blockchain career night at the Triton Rowing Club in Utrecht. After our presence was announced (which was also clearly visible through a banner, flyers on all seats and tables, and the fact that the first beers were sponsored by Crown), there was a speaker who went very in-depth on blockchain and started talking about difficulty algorithms and hashing and other stuff which was way too difficult for the audience that was present (luckily he skipped the slide about elliptic curves). I think it was a bit off-putting for many people, so we had some damage repair to do, but I think we did quite well nonetheless. All Triton rowers are University students and so I hope we managed to inspire some bright minds.
- We attended the Dutch Cryptocurrency Investors meeting in Utrecht, which turned out to be a successful night. We talked with several people about Crown, some of whom who were already aware of the project.
- I spent 87 out of the 250 CRW reserved for travels, food and drinks on the above-mentioned activities. Any remaining funds at the end of our three-month term will go towards the development fund.

- defunctec and I have been trying to figure out BarterDEX (which had an awful client) so we could provide liquidity.
- I created a guide on how to use BarterDEX:

- I have taken the lead on creating a new, all-encompassing whitepaper. This process will take several months and I hope to be working closely with Artem, Ivan and others.
So far I've been reading up on our own whitepapers and those of other projects. A draft of the outline is ready and has been reviewed by the team.

Treasurer role
- Defunctec approached me to take on the role as treasurer because he felt he was too busy. Since then, he has been relieved of some other duties which made him more comfortable staying on as treasurer. The 250 CRW per month we had reserved for expenses will go towards the development fund.

Iíve been working on the branding campaign, which boosted the exposure of Crown on Facebook by a couple of thousand percent (from average ~500 views for normal posts, to 50k or more for advertised posts).
In this a behavioural psychologist and a marketing & communication consultant have helped me. Together we are working on what will hopefully become a Crown animation video. Read more about this here: Unfortunately the proposal is no longer passing, so I will see what is possible in the coming months.

Furthermore Iíve worked to advised Piet and Clair from Triton in creating a proposal, which successfully passed, has taken place now and where the final report & statistics are still being made.

I have been around on the forum, mattermost & telegram to help people out and answer questions. I assisted the LinkedIn proposal in formulating ads to get them started.

Mattblack, higherbridge and I have made contact with We are in contact with their CEO and will visit them in their headquarters in Amsterdam to discuss what the possibilities are for Crown to get listed there. It is a new, promising exchange that could bring strategic diversification to Crown.