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[active] New webdev proposal
« on: April 16, 2018, 01:25:47 pm »
Proposal Basic Information
Project Name: Webdev Q2+Q3 2018
Author: Inigo / Mattblack
Proposerís Email Address:  [email protected]
Funds requested: 400 CRW/month for 6 months - 2400 CRW total
Proposal Hash:  14645e8ffd3f917f3c4d04d152818558f993366c54802446ac3c6c92c2319baa
How To Vote YES:  mnbudget vote-many 14645e8ffd3f917f3c4d04d152818558f993366c54802446ac3c6c92c2319baa yes
How To Vote NO:  mnbudget vote-many 14645e8ffd3f917f3c4d04d152818558f993366c54802446ac3c6c92c2319baa no

You and your team
Manager: Inigo/Mattblack

Project Details
Project purpose
The new website has just launched, awesome! The new website has to be maintainted and developed. For example, we'll need to build multi-language support for the site. I have been maintaining the website for the past 7 months, and hope to continue to do so. My previous proposal was successfully voted in and is now expired after 6 months. This proposal also supports maintaining

A good and up to date website is essential for the success of Crown.

Proposal timetable and turning point(s)
This is continuous work. The proposal will run for 6 months.

Acceptance criteria
The proposal will be a success if the website is always online, with up to date content and developed where needed.

Low risk, I have the time to do this part-time.

Funding requirements
Funds are purely for my time and skill to develop the website.

Anytime there is an update, I will communicate this using our social channels. Intense communication is done within the core team concerning updates.

Additional comments
Provide additional comments on your proposal if you have any.

Please provide what edits you have made to your proposal document.
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