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[Archive] Crown Support Team - May
« on: April 02, 2018, 10:13:17 am »
    Proposal Basic Information
    Project Name: Support_Team
    Authors: @edwardmorra, @crownfan
    Proposer’s Email Address:  [email protected]
    Funds requested: 3500 CRW for one month - 3500 CRW total
    Proposal Hash:  1d852f7f7009396364ad6295dcdf05c37d3eb2845b63c197140d515f58d1a574
    How To Vote YES:  mnbudget vote-many 1d852f7f7009396364ad6295dcdf05c37d3eb2845b63c197140d515f58d1a574 yes
    How To Vote NO:  mnbudget vote-many 1d852f7f7009396364ad6295dcdf05c37d3eb2845b63c197140d515f58d1a574 no

    You and your team
    Role: @crownfan current co-lead
    Role: @edwardmorra - current co-lead
    Role: @hypermist
    Role: @higherbridge
    Role: @crown_translator
    Role: @lezlaig
    Role: @andlug51062

    Proposal Document
    The proposal document can be found here

    Project Details
    Crown Support Team is a dedicated group of Crown Community members that provides general and technical support to the Crown Community.
    Project purpose
    Crown Support Team fills the need for help that is generated by the constant growth of the crown ecosystem by
    • Assisting community members
    • Supporting the Dev Team

    The Crown Support Team obligates itself to deliver the best possible service and to be steadily available to provide flexible and reliable support to both the Crown Community and the Crown Core Team.
    During the coming period the intent is to increase the number of support team members. This is a priority due to the exponential growth of the workload that goes parallel with the growth of the Crown network and community.
    Crown Support has two major fronts:
    While it commits to provide steady support and help, it permanently grows its knowledge base and expands the variety of tools at disposal. Support Team plays a key factor in the propagation and sharing of knowledge. It helps the community to learn how to use the Crown ecosystem.

    Proposal timetable and turning point(s)
    This funding round will reward the Crown Support Team until the May CDGP proposal round.
    The team re-evaluates the requested funds every month to adapt the proposal to future workloads and capacities.

    Acceptance criteria
    The proposal can be called a success if the support team manages to provide help and support to the Dev Team and Community until the end of this funding round.
    Our aim is to continue to establish a sustainable support team with a growing knowledge and experience while future support agents are trained to decentralize the available resources.

    Crown Support Team is a resilient and decentralized network of peers with high resistance to individual impediments.

    Funding requirements
    The decision to request 3500 crown has been made because there is a big need to incentivize further engagement in the currently overloaded support team structure and capabilities. It is a fair reward for the availability, flexibility and competences that are provided. We plan to double the capabilities until the end of April.

    The requested funds will be destined to incentivize participation through the bounty programme, reward the support team members for their work and to fund support infrastructure and software.

    The Crown Support Team is due to the way it is set to operate in frequent contact with the team and community. It provides monthly statistics about the quantifiable progress through Crown’s communication channels.

    Additional comments
    Crown Support Team provides help and support through the following channels:

    - Mattermost:
    - Zendesk: (upgraded with new features in January)
    - Crown Forum:
    - Reddit
    - Telegram ( ticket system implemented in January) [/list]
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