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Author Topic: ** Crown (CRW) Mandatory Update Release notification v0.12.4.1 ** 13/03/2018  (Read 554 times)


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Mandatory Update Release Notification

The Crown team has released a new version of the client (v0.12.4.1) today 13th March.
Full release notes and more on our medium post:

The network will have 20 days to update before enforcement is turned back on and old clients stop communicating correctly.

Update instructions:

**IMPORTANT: Always back up your wallet.dat before proceeding with any updates.**

For more information visit our

- New Forum Guide to Update Master- and Systemnodes to 12.4.1:

- New Forum Guide to Setup Systemnodes:

- New Forum Guide to Setup Masternodes:

- Mattermost Community to chat and receive Support:

- Website to download the newest wallet:

You can also open a support ticket by sending an e-mail to
Thank you for your continued support of the Crown project

Crown Development Team