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Introductions / Жк отрадное ц
« Last post by MytishiBab on February 18, 2018, 02:42:28 pm »
Консультации специалистов бесплатно. недвижимость города мытищи квартира сдается на сутки и часы. жилой комплекс отрадное мытищи
Turkey / TURKEY
« Last post by fthforever on February 18, 2018, 01:18:18 pm »
Dear Crown Community

You can see below my report:

There is an exhibition at 01.03.2018 in Istanbul “Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey” from Smile Expo. Crown Logo is displaying  on website of this exhibition at Partner section since 16.01.2017 , you can visit website and see under “”.

I will attent to this exhibition and going to meet with some important people on Blockchain tech.

I have prepared 120 woman and 120 man t-shirts to handout at frontdesk by the exhibition.

I am going to attend to a Certification programme at Kadir Has University Istanbul which will coordinate by 3 most famous people in Turkey on Blockchain Tech. I will meet this people at Blockchain Conference too, and they will help me to meet with more people.

I am going to meet with KPMG Director who is speaker at “Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey”   as I am working with KPMG because of my business.

I open a Twitter account around 2 months ago as Crown Platform-TR and I have 600followers.

In March I am going to meet with more people and talk with them how we can use blockchain tech on our business.

And Victor is going to talk with dev. Team how we can use blockchain tech. in textile industrie.

I am going to share with you pictures form events 0n 2-3 March.
Proposals / Budget / Re: [Active] Crown Support Team
« Last post by Crownfan on February 15, 2018, 03:12:12 pm »
Greetings Crown Community!
15th of FEBRUARY 2018

This article aims to provide an overview of the progress and tasks accomplished by the Crown Support Team.
After a short presentation of the team, we are going to walk you through a description of support team functions, our milestones and how we have handled and tackled arising issues. We are going to provide you relevant statistics and how we have used the funds we received through the proposal system. To wrap up, we will venture a look forward and conclude with some final remarks.

Who we are

Despite being a recent department, Crown Support Team has gone through many changes in the last months. New roles were assigned and agents recruited as queries and issues grew together with progressive implementation of releases and expansion of the Core and Developers Team.

@Crownfan took over the Management of Support at the end of November, restructured the Team, recruited and trained new agents and coordinates the team since.

@EdwardMorra joined Support Team the second week of December and has ever since then been a very valuable agent, taking progressive co-responsibility in the lead of Crown Support.

@Hypermist has been, beside his Dev work, a reliable second level agent with expertise in scripts, maintenance of servers and a bright understanding and overview of the Crown project. His help in the restructuring of the team has been decisive for the success of the process.

@Higherbridge among many other functions in the Crown project beyond the Support Team, higherbridge has been providing support on Telegram and has created guides that have easened the process of system- and masternode setup for hundreds of peers. Forum moderator and also a wise advisor and out of the box thinker, higherbridge has enhanced and made our team stronger.

@crown_translator has joined the team recently to coordinate translations and document reviewing.

What we do

The Crown Support Team is available to the crown team and community through its different social media platforms and can be also contacted through
A central ticket system helps to coordinate all queries and makes sure non remain unanswered.

In addition
  • it gives support to ambassadors
  • forwards issues to the Devs
  • distributes relevant technical information to the community in planned situations such as releases and in exceptional/emergency situations
  • monitors the network and alerts of anomalies
  • alleviates other departments of handling queries that distract them from core development
  • Gives feedback and reports issues to the team


  • Nov. 20 2017 enforcement. The implementation of systemnodes on the 7. november and the eventual enforcement of v0.12.3 was successfully accompanied by the support team. This helped to relieve the core developers from answering and resolving numerous queries and being able to focus on development work.
  • 1 - 7. December 2017 Restructuration of the team and recruitment of new agents
  • Christmas fork 26-28 December 2017.
    Crown Support dedicated itself exclusively to backing the Core Team during and after this issue.

    Ever since then, we have walked affected peers through the process of recovering funds from Bittrex. Only one ticket remains open in this regard, and we are still helping K. to recover his funds.

    We helped the community to get back on the right chain and distributed information and commands on how to do the pertinent testing in the wallets.

    We gathered log files from several peer wallets and provided them to the devops team for further analysis.

    We can proudly state that during and after this event, Crown Support committed itself to a marathon and stayed in maximum alert during more than five days and 12-14 daily hours of work. It was a pleasure to help the Dev Team returning the Crown Network to normality and we celebrated accordingly when Bittrex reopened our market.
  • December 2017 - to the date: Internal Standards and Workflow Optimization
    We have written internal documentation that contain procedures, standards and workflow optimization, as well as a large knowledge base that serves to feed the existing forum FAQ as well as to train new agents.
  • December - January 2017 Forum FAQ
    We have created an extensive forum FAQ that answers the most common concerns. Thanks to @mattblack, @twister and @higherbridge for the great forum that we now can use!
  • January/February 2017 Zendesk upgrade and channel integration
    Zendesk has proven itself as a useful tool and thus has become our central ticket system. We have introduced new features through which Telegram and Facebook users, as well as website visitors can directly reach out to us. If you want to use this service, you just need to send an email to and we will answer you in an average of 8.5 hours! Check out our latest statistics to get an insight of the volume we have been handling.


Many queries happen through Mattermost, where we tirelessly provide support to the Crown Community. We do not have numbers for this. To compensate, we are going to present you some statistics of our ticket system. Keep in mind that we can not use the option “satisfaction rating”, so there is no data for this variable.

Between the 7. of december and the 15. of february, 136 new tickets were opened, of which 105 are already solved and 23 ongoing, which make up for a total of 568! agent touches.  Recurrent topics were systemnode setup help and information inquiries, wallet sync/open problems and team contact requests. Another large group of tickets can be named exchange issues. We have patiently accompanied frustrated peers who had lost access to funds stored in exchanges. The network issue after Christmas accounts for the peaks during this time and the following days.

New Tickets: 136
Solved Tickets: 105
Agent touches 568

Where do most tickets come from? visitors opened 49% of the tickets through the website widget “contact support”. 29% of the tickets were opened through the email address. The Telegram integration accounts for 10% of the raised queries and Facebook messages for further 6%. The ticket system webform remains almost unused with only 3% of the total volume.

We are especially proud of our fast first reply times, which are three times faster than the Zendesk average for IT Support. We reply to half of the tickets in LESS THAN ONE HOUR, further 27% in between 1 and 8 hours.
Only 6% were not answered within the first 24 hours.

Fund usage

This is our first proposal month after the restructuring of the Support Team. Up to this superblock, we have been using funds that Hypermist put at our disposition and belonged to earlier support proposals.

The allocation of funds has been as follows:

Costs of infrastructure maintenance
  • Zendesk subscription upgrade to “Team Plan” - 378$ (paid until oct. 2018 - first payment for the previous plan was 684$ - funded out of previous support proposals)
  • Telegram integration - 25$ monthly
Funds used to pay support agents for daily availability:
  • 1200 CRW
Funds used to pay for translation and review tasks:
  • 200 €

A look forward

To provide support for the crown community has proven to be a time intensive task full of responsibility. We are very happy to have been trusted and voted into this role. We would like to find new agents that want to step up and help us to keep the good service and results we can account for until now.

If you are interested in becoming part of the support team, contact any of us through mattermost! It is a great opportunity to learn more about Crown and develop technical, communication and social skills. If you are looking to become part of a community that will shape the future of blockchain technology, join us!


We are learning along as the project evolves and want to play a forthgoing role in it. We thank the voting community for backing us and recognizing our work.

We are committed to making the Crown project a success story!

Thanks for your believing in us!

Your Crown Support Team

Systemnodes / Re: Not capable systemnode: Hot node, waiting for remote activation
« Last post by topdoge on February 14, 2018, 08:09:55 pm »
Thank you! I don't believe I have. I'll check the local wallet when I have the chance.
Systemnodes / Re: Not capable systemnode: Hot node, waiting for remote activation
« Last post by Crownfan on February 14, 2018, 07:00:51 pm »
Hi topdoge,

did you start the systemnode from local wallet with "start alias"?

If you did but it does not react, you should check that systemnode.conf is correct (matching genkey with the systemnode wallet)

You can also write to for further questions.

Best regards,

Systemnodes / Not capable systemnode: Hot node, waiting for remote activation
« Last post by topdoge on February 14, 2018, 06:15:22 pm »
Hi all,

Attempting to setup my systemnode but this is the message I'm receiving. Is there something I need to complete on the wallet end?

Checking the VPS I also see
    "IsBlockchainSynced" : true,

I'm not sure if this is normal behavior but I just stood up this systemnode yesterday.
Proposals / Budget / [Active] Blockchainhotel - Meetup + Conference Sponsorship
« Last post by Crownfan on February 09, 2018, 03:01:23 pm »
I have submitted a proposal to fund a one year sponsorship at the BlockchainHotel in Essen, Germany.

All the details about the proposal can be read here:

Please take into account that the funds raised by this proposal are fully used to fund the sponsorship, which costs 2 BTC. This sponsorship is a great possibility for Crown to become visible in Germany for one year, where we are underrepresented to the date.

Thank you for your support and do not hesitate to ask me any questions here or in mattermost.

Events / Meetups / Re: Banners for exhibitions
« Last post by Twister on February 07, 2018, 10:56:48 am »
Here are two files:

Long banners,

Feel free to use them!MmZCAIiJ!XLrUqi_ta_W-t0xDA2Qa7Q
Proposals / Budget / Re: [Active] Crown paid advertising / Branding campaign
« Last post by Twister on February 06, 2018, 10:11:44 pm »
A quick update:

What is Crown?
We're working on a corporate identity story - telling Why, How & What Crown does. This will eventually result in a short animated video of 1 to 1.5 minutes of length, explaining Crown. This video is important, to quickly introduce Crown to interested parties. It is also very difficult, because it means capturing the fuzzy "feeling" and broad technical details of Crown in a language that everyone understands and which sounds exciting at the same time.
So we are shaping a text, then collect feedback on it, refine it further and when it is satisfactory, hire a animator company to do the video (possibly

For the Ads:
Facebook has banned ads promoting high-risk financial products. Crown is a platform & a community, so posts related to this are not affected. However, we are not able to for example promote the fact that we are listed on Braziliex or other exchanges.

Furthermore the bear-market with the nice red candles makes people less receptive to ads. Therefore we adjusted spending's where possible on campaigns, and as this also affects the price of Crown it does affect the output of this proposal. We try to manage as best as possible :)

In the last week we ran these campaigns:

Promoting the Crown Systemnode giveaway

Promoting the Miami Event on March 3rd with people who liked the page and their friends.
Promoting the weekly podcast featuring Joe Connors aka Snoops

We would like to invite you to give feedback on the updates: they take some time to compose, so we're thinking of doing them bi-weekly. Unless otherwise desired.
« Last post by Lostjoker on February 04, 2018, 08:09:01 pm »
Hello community!

Its time for the weekly Spain Ambassadors report.


Our devs keep working hard and we have finished another sprint in the App and backend development. Soon i will be able to share more screenshots of our progress. This week we had some meetings with schools to present G-ME and we got good feedback and maybe some orders coming in. The marketing campaign is still going but unfortunately it is not reflecting yet on our Indiegogo contributions. Remember you can also order or donate with CROWN, if you like the project any support is greatly apreciated, the Indiegogo campaign is still running for another 15 days. Apart from the campaign we are also talking with possible investors to join the project.

CROWN address for orders and donations: 15jfLi8jFtmmwuspN3MvCs78tbcXXQoosr

Recent G-ME & CROWN publications:

Bitcoin Magazine:
Quarterly Tech:
Micosoft Insider:
Social Geek:
Doblec Clic:


A meeting with a very interesting man from Casablanca was held. He was very interested in CROWN and wants to share the info with more people in Morocco, he already has joined Mattermost and is highly interested in setting up SNs & MNs.

We are finishing up the details for the contest and the meet up, we will release al the details the next 15 days. The CROWN sponsored conference will be held on the third weekend of May, 19th-20th, in San Lorenzo de el Escorial, Madrid. We want it to be an interactive weekend with speakers, round tables, workshops and contest winners presenting their projects. We would like to set-up a dedicated landing page with all the information within the webpage, we will speak with Matt to see if this is possible. If someone from the core team, ambassadors or community members would like to attend and present anything they are more than welcome, please let us know in advance to include you in the schedule. Even if you don't want to say anything everybody is welcome to join us since it will be a very interesting weekend.

This week we want to have a call with the devs to identify possible use cases that might serve as an example for the upcoming contest.

We also have been following up on Octopocket, as we reported last week they want to add some new coins to their APP in March, hopefully CROWN will be amongst them.

This is all for this week! Long live CROWN and have a great week  ;)

Lostjoker & Vic

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