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Post by: djfunny28 on August 03, 2018, 06:16:50 am
This project will popularize crown platform among computer science students and software engineers as a blockchain for applications. Our aim is to create a steady meet-up workplace where students Learn and Collaborate to build innovative solutions entirely on the crown blockchain. We expect that this project would lead into an independent Tech-Hub founded by crown platform in Nigeria

This project aims to develop a vibrant community for crown in Nigeria Specifically in the Premier University and the Polytechnic Ibadan Nigeria Oyo State. Due to the fact that we have noticed a growing community of blochchain enthusiast in both tertiary institutions
Our goal is to expose the crown blockchain to active and talented student developers such that they can contribute their creative talents to develop useful applications that provide solutions to human needs on the crown blockchain thereby maintaining and sustaining the culture and community of crown among able youths.

We are keen to taking steps that would lead to long-term engagement, activity and popularity of the crown platform. This project would involve three months of intensive trainings, collaboration, brainstorming and hypothesis generation that would lead into readymade solutions resources for motivated students to explore during their final year projects.

We shall also be reaching out to the next batch of the Nigerian Youth Service Corps Camp in Oyo State. The NYSC which has existed more than 40 years and turns out more than 300,000 students annually organizes a 3 weeks orientation camps for graduate students where registered organizations, big corporations and influencers offers trainings and entrepreneurial skill development  before being dispatched to their place of primary assignments.
We shall get the required registration to grant us access to the next batch of energetic crowd scheduled for November, to introduce crown platform and the opportunities offered. We believe our engagement with interested youths after the introduction would yield edible fruits for the community. We shall also be making some donations of crown to some of our new recruited member wallets that would be submitted in reports for verifying reasons.


 Core focus of this project would be to Learn Collaborate and, Innovate.

Proposal Timetable and Turning Point:

Crown meet-up Scheduled for Campus Awareness for three consecutive months with aggressive awareness campaign, words of mouth engagement and provision of suitable environment to learn, collaborate and develop solutions. The three targeted months are:
September 22nd -   
October 27th
November 24th

Success Definition

1- Established Presence of Crown Platform in the University Campus (University of Ibadan)
2. Acceptance of Crown coin by Student merchants. At least 5
3. Built interest of students towards creating solutions on the crown blockchain during their final year project.

FOR These to happens or needs are as follows;

2 Separate Roll-up  barners and promotion materials for Campus Students such as flyers of different types, Crown accepted here stickers for merchant promotion, 3 dozens of T-shirts, 2500 CRW, Hall for Monthly Meet-up within Campus (3months), 2000 CRW, Registration costs for camp evangelism, 1500 CRW, Free Wi-Fi 1500 CRW, Reserved for Donations 500, Event organizing 1000 CRW. Total requested funds: 9000CRW
Post by: walkjivefly on August 03, 2018, 11:29:12 am
I don't have a MN so won't be voting, but even at the current low price, those seem like large asks. $1050 for 2 roll-up banners, some flyers and stickers and 3 dozen T-shirts? Hard to believe stuff costs that much more in Nigeria than Cambodia where that lot would probably cost about $300. 3 hall hire sessions for $800? What exactly is $600 worth of camp evangelism registration? $600 for 3 months internet?

It's not a bad proposal, but personally, I'd want to see a much more detailed justification for those amounts.

Presumably, there's some wiggle room built in to cover the possibility of the CRW price falling further before you spend it? Or are you planning to pay suppliers in CRW? If the price goes up and/or there's any left over at the end of 3 months how will it be used?
Post by: djfunny28 on August 03, 2018, 03:27:32 pm
Thanks for your queries! First of all, I don't know how expensive things are in Cambodia but prices are relative to availability of resources and competitive suppliers. 1 roll up barner over her would normally cost $150 with its stand. T-shirts per dozens as bought the last time was $100 per dozen and $50 printing costs per dozens.  Of course there are other things that are relatively cheaper here than in many other African countries like food and haircuts! That's why we have sponsored refreshments in our previous meetings without bothering the community. But things relative to tech are a bit expensive. That exact costs coupled with transportation costs made it approximately equal to the amount stated.

And on other aspects like the camp evangelism we proposed.  As stated, many corporations also strive to get a slot for this opportunity because of the time limit spent in camps (21days). This made entry a bit difficult and contigencies has to be prepared for. The relationship is very important for us.  And subsequent editions would definitely not be as much.

And as for your last question, if the price of crown should rise, we would use the excess funds to host as many systemnodes as possible for our Nigerian community and fund our programmes from the profits obtained thereafter. We believe this would greatly reduce the financial support we may need in future.

We really appreciated your feedbacks and would try to see how much we could reduce our cost before submitting the proposals.
Post by: walkjivefly on August 03, 2018, 04:20:50 pm
Thanks for the reply. Hopefully actual MN owners will find it helpful. Will most suppliers be paid in fiat or CRW? It would be nice if you could seed the community/ecosystem before the students even develop any projects, especially as it will be months before any student projects are up and running.
Post by: djfunny28 on August 04, 2018, 01:37:14 am
To pay suppliers in crown should not be a problem. However, the suppliers will need to convert crown into cash at some points. cash in / cash out is always a challenge in many regions and concerns to newbies. which implies that suppliers would generally prefer cash. However, we could in source supplies from members of the community over here who are willing to accept and keep crown.
Post by: djfunny28 on August 07, 2018, 06:09:55 am
We have tried to scrutinize our budget more in order to reduce our cost given the conditions of the market and for us to get the required support to get this fund so that it can fuel our activities for the next three months. The total cost is now reduced to 8000 CRW as would be reflected in the final proposal document.  Kindly support us. Thank you all