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Title: Web shop in CRW
Post by: aitorjs on November 09, 2018, 07:38:22 pm
Crown Web shop

   The purpose of this post is to define as much as possible what we want and how we want about the web shop with payments in CRW.

   It is clear that we want a WordPress web shop that can be pay for products with CRW.

   The web shop needs.
   - List of products page.
   - Detail of a product’s page. Something like:
   - When you “Add to cart” a product, goes to the basket.
   - When you click on basket’s “Start payment” button, you can select your billing and shipping details, add discount coupon code (only for option 1) and of course, pay with CRW.
   - Payment gateway. Here is where are two roads:

   1. Use a third payment gateway. has CRW as one of their coins. On Wordpress is a plugin that works well with coinpayments. Much easier to implement than option 2.

   2. Use a synced Crown wallet on another hosting and use that wallet to make new payment addresses and receive and save the coins while we don't want to retire. Some month to develop the payment gateway and integrate it with Wordpress will be necessary. The server has to be secured. We would need a second hosting where we can host the synced crown wallet there.

   - We need to make a new theme. Theme used on is not compatible with Woocommerce. So, could be this one:

   To bring those needs we need.

   - Hosting solution, VPS that can handle roughly the same as (maybe a bit less even but a lot/more bandwidth needed due to many pictures). Another hosting solution for option 2.

   - A Wordpress installation with at least Woocommerce and Myparcel plugins.

   Possible next steps

   - Start making the theme for the web shop as same as

   - Start with the option 1. So we will going to use coinpayments as a payment gateway.
   - Upload to one of crown server the web shop to start trying between some people.

   - Make improvements.

   - First tests in open.

   - Then, if we want when the web shop in CRW with a third party is working...
      * Develop our payment gateway and integrate it on Wordpress, option 2. Could be paid by a third party payment gateway or using the synced Crown wallet.

Title: Re: Web shop in CRW
Post by: EdwardMorra on November 10, 2018, 07:50:38 am
I think the synced crown wallet giving a discount that is a little bit more then the fee Coinpayments asks is a good idea.
Title: Re: Web shop in CRW
Post by: EdwardMorra on November 10, 2018, 07:52:37 am
Giving a little background information: I am setting up this webshop, a lot of personal funds and 2 contributors have spent CRW and BTC to make this happen. The partner of choice is Blockchain Denim. They are ready for production.

Hosting on one of the crown servers does not seem necessary for me, I can do it myself as well. It keeps the personal liability which I as an individual will have more under control.