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Title: CrownPi Home hosting
Post by: defunctec on May 27, 2018, 02:31:47 pm
What is CrownPi?


CrownPi started as a home project with one objective - to safely host Masternodes from home.

CrownVPS have developed what we believe to be the best method to date for home hosting, and are now offering this solution via a new and unique product, CrownPi. We hope that CrownPi will appeal to those that are also interested in the decentralisation home hosting can provide.
By using a VPN, more than one node can be run from home using CrownPi. This is because the IP used to connect to the Crown network belongs to the VPN, rather than your home network.
Example of home setup (8 online):

( (

The CrownVPS team have been working with masternodes since the advent of Dash - around 4 years.

We currently host over 100 VPS for the Crown community via third party server providers; however, we hope to host some of these servers locally using the CrownPi software in the near future.
Understanding CrownPi

Currently only NordVPN can be used with CrownPi but we plan to introduce many more VPN providers in the future
The software is designed in a way that makes it easy to setup and maintain the CrownPi, though you would benefit from a basic understanding of Linux command line and how to create a Masternode.
The CrownPi has a copy of the Crown blockchain and will create a new wallet on initial start up.

OpenVPN will also try to connect to a VPN, but will be unsuccessful until you enter your VPN login details into the appropriate file.

These are the two main attributes of CrownPi. Together they provide a 'VPS-like' server which uses a VPN to hide the home IP of the server, thus making it safe to host multiple nodes from home.
Once setup correctly, the CrownPi will automatically reconnect to your selected VPN if the connection is lost or the device restarted. If you use NordVPN, the chances of the VPN IP address changing are small when reconnecting. CrownVPS currently recommends using NordVPN with CrownPi.
You may only use one IP address per Crown Masternode. NordVPN alone have over 4000 IP addresses that can be utilised, so if you do conflict with someone, it won't be long until you find an IP that is available.

CrownPi is also currently setup to use Private Internet Access and IPVanish, however be mindful that if connection to either of these services is lost, the probability of the IP address changing on reconnection is higher than NordVPN.
Stability is priority with a Masternode - if the connection drops or power to the CrownPi is inadequate, you will have stability issues.

We started with 1 CrownPi to make sure the idea worked, a few minor issues later and the node was live.

We then added 2 more CrownPi devices, using different VPN server details and ran these for two days succesfully.

Our current setup (see image above) is 8 nodes, all using NordVPS. The first CrownPi has been online for over 5 days and has received multiple rewards. The other 7 have been online for just over two days now.

Recommendations & Restrictions
You need enough power going to each device, 1.0A / 5V minimum is recommended. You will have stability issues if not enough power is provided.

You can only use one VPN IP per device, if someone else is using the same IP, you will be unable to connect.

One node only per CrownPi device.

Make sure to use quality wiring with appropriate power outputs, old loose wiring could cause instability.

If hosting several CrownPi's buy a ethernet switch.

Monitor and keyboard are needed to obtain local ip of the device.

There could be a better solution to home hosting, therefore we encourage anyone interested in home node hosting to experiment with CrownPi and their own implementations. Please share these here, we would be very happy to hear from you!

We are offering ongoing access to CrownPi development via our shop (

If you already have the equipment, you can buy a one off package that gives unlimited access to any .IMG file the CrownVPS team creates. You will also benefit from unlimited usage of the .IMG file.
If you have any questions, you can create a ticket at
Title: Re: CrownPi Home hosting
Post by: defunctec on June 03, 2018, 10:47:07 pm
CrownPi Update 03/06/2018

We're taking a serious look at investing in a huge home server farm made of CrownPi's to provide a unique hosting service to CrownVPS customers.
The "server" will start at 100 Pi's, with expansion to potentially 200.
The servers again will be home run

The project is expected to go live two weeks after the next Crown wallet update, expected June.

We will update with images once our designs of the server are finished.
Title: Re: CrownPi Home hosting
Post by: defunctec on June 12, 2018, 07:01:55 pm
CrownPi/CrownVPS update. 12/06

We have started construction of our local machine that will provide over 140 VPS to CrownVPS customers in the near future.

Here's the progress so far.

Title: Re: CrownPi Home hosting
Post by: defunctec on July 20, 2018, 11:42:52 pm
CrownPi Update 21/07/2018

CrownVPS have now finished building the home server and is now up and running, currently running 67 Crown Masternodes/Systemnodes for our users.

(  (

Hoping to expand to a total of 160 local run VPS servers running Crown nodes.